Ammuravid: combining immunotherapy with antivirals to test new therapies for Covid-19 patients

The trial, approved by AIFA, is coordinated by the universities of Verona and Milan

Ammuravid, a study coordinated by the universities of Verona and Milan and promoted by the Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, opens up new therapeutic possibilities for patients affected by Covid-19.

The Italian Medicines Agency – AIFA has approved the trial, designed to assess the effectiveness of immunotherapy, in addition to antivirals, in treating Covid-19 hospital patients. The Project Coordinator for the University of Verona is prof. Evelina Tacconelli, director of the Infectious Diseases Section at our University.

Ammuravid is the first European study to compare and simultaneously test a range of immunomodulators in order to reduce mortality and the need for respiratory support in Covid-19 patients. The results of the treatments will be useful in identifying the most efficient drugs to be further trialled, and will provide evidence-based responses for therapy.