‘Dantedì’ goes digital

On 25 March 2020 the University celebrated Dantedì, a one-day festival dedicated to Dante Alighieri. The event, which took place on the day of the year when Dante’s journey in The Divine Comedy ideally begins, was entirely held online.

The Municipality of Verona and the University of Verona are the promoters of a project that brings together many cultural associations of the city to celebrate Dante Alighieri. Many of the scheduled events were cancelled due to the health emergency, while some conferences took place in the form of short videos, such as those produced by the University’s lecturers to address various aspects related to Dante and his popularity over the centuries.

“This year Dantedì comes at one of the most difficult times of our national history, so the purpose of this edition is to focus on the roots of our culture and the very meaning of our sense of community” says Arnaldo Soldani, Director of the Department of Cultures and Civilizations at the University of Verona.

Find out more at: http://www.univrmagazine.it/2020/03/24/un-dantedi-tutto-digitale/