Violence against women in the time of Coronavirus

A handbook is now available online to support the victims of domestic violence

Not for everyone ‘quarantine’ means ‘security’. Not for the victims of domestic violence, who are now forced to stay home with their abusers. ‘Un codice rosa‘ is an information booklet published by the Municipality of Verona in collaboration with the University of Verona, Aulss 9, Telefono Rosa, the professional associations of Doctors and Lawyers of Verona, and the professional association of Social Workers of the Veneto region.

This handbook,specifically designed for the victims of domestic violence who, at this time, may be less likely to report their abusers, contains testimonies of women who have been victims of violence, and suggestions on how to react through the support of the anti-violence centre in the area, and by contacting the Family Advice Centres in the various offices in Verona and province, or the Social Services of the Municipalities.