Fondazione Cariverona, Fondazione Tim, and the University of Verona on the frontline in the fight against Covid-19

Biomedical research project on Coronavirus to be launched in partnership with the University of Verona and the University Hospital of Verona (AOUI)

“Conoscerlo per sconfiggerlo, alleanza contro Covid-19 (Enact)” (Know it to defeat it, alliance against Covid-19 – Enact): this is the name of the biomedical research project on Covid-19 funded by Fondazione Cariverona with 2 million euros, along with a further contribution of €250,000 from Fondazione Tim. Fondazione Cariverona has appointed the University of Verona as scientific partner of the project, in collaboration with the University Hospital of Verona (AOUI).

The primary scientific goal of the research is to enhance our biological knowledge of the coronavirus: its spread patterns, the target molecules in the human organism, and the type of immune responses. The project also has the goal of identifying effective therapeutic and preventive measures.