Stack of books with laptop on wooden table

Under the hashtag #lamiabibliotecadacasa the University of Verona promotes a series of initiatives aimed at encouraging research, study and teaching activities despite this difficult time.

The University of Verona has now made available to its students and members over 200,000 ebooks and 40,000 electronic magazines from 100 databases covering all academic and scientific areas. The online services of the University’s Library System have just been enhanced, and a list of ebooks and electronic articles specifically for students – i.e. in line with the topics covered in their own programmes – is now available. In addition, publishing houses are also contributing, providing additional online contents. Last but not least, a specific database of free-access electronic resources and publications on Coronavirus is now available.

These initiatives demonstrate the commitment of the University’s librarians to ensure that libraries continue to be animi medicamentum, or ‘medicine for the soul.

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