UNIVR, over 1,300 students taking part in student orientation events — online

University’s student orientation services continue online with seminars and one-to-one counselling sessions

In just over two weeks, more than 1,300 students have attended the University’s online seminars via Zoom. These student orientation events, led by counselling professionals, are aimed at helping students reflect on their study choices, and learn how to manage the difficulties encountered while at the University.

The fact that the initiative was welcomed by over 1,300 students demonstrates its importance, and the students’ need for guidance during their studies.

Up to date, 17 one-to-one counselling sessions for prospective students have already been carried out, as well as 7 student support online sessions for those who have already enrolled at our University. This week, more than 22 students have already booked their appointment. One-to-one counselling sessions are free and available by appointment from Monday to Friday and, if further advice is required, students can book additional sessions for a maximum of three.