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Covid-19 has not stopped teaching activities at the University of Verona. After a month since the introduction of distance learning activities, 88% of lectures are now delivered online via distance learning thanks to the technologies made available by the University, and the teaching staff.

More than 500,000 logins from students have been recorded on the e-learning platform, and more than 270,000 hours of lectures have been viewed.

Graduations are also held online using the University’s IT tools: by the end of the current graduation session, 1,951 students will have graduated via distance learning at the University of Verona.

Internships that are external to the University also continue in compliance with the Ministerial guidelines, similarly to what happens for employees.

The timely implementation of these measures will help to ensure the continuation of the students’ academic activities, thus limiting the impact of the coronavirus emergency on their university life.

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