Coronavirus – preventive measures: closure of the University and suspension of teaching activities

Update of 26 February 2020 – The University’s governance provides guidelines for the extension of ‘Smart work’ (Flexible working, or working from home) scheme for technical and administrative staff

The University’s governance,
having regard to:
– DFP Circular no. 1/2020;
and taking into account:
– the fact that the ‘Smart work’ (Flexible working, or working from home) scheme has been in use at the University of Verona over the last twenty years;

pursuant to:

– Art.2 of the relevant Prime Ministerial Decree (DPCM), particularly with regard to ‘Smart work’ activities, “even where no individual agreements have been signed”;

and following consultation with:

–  the trade union representatives (OO.SS and RSU);
–  the President of CUG (Equal Opportunities Commission);
–  the Directors of Departments/Schools/Centres, and the Heads of Directorates,

Hereby issues the following guidelines

for the extension of the ‘Smart work’ scheme to technical and administrative staff residing or domiciled in the areas included in the above regulations, provided that they meet at least one of the following requirements:

1) have children (following the closure or suspension of educational services and schools);

  2) have children with certified disabilities;

  3) have a particular disease or medical condition certified by an occupational doctor.

Applicants are advised that, in order to benefit from the ‘Smart work’ scheme, they must have their own PC and an adequate internet connection. In addition, they will have to agree working methods with their Head of Office and/or Director of Department/School/Centre.

Please note that these guidelines shall apply provisionally from 2 to 6 March 2020 (inclusive) and, in any case, may be withdrawn or extended subject to developments at regional level.

Pier Francesco Nocini


Update of 25 February 2020 -Rescheduling of teaching activities suspended due to Covid-19, and deadlines

Concerning the suspension for precautionary purposes of all teaching and academic activities for students from 24 to 29 February (inclusive), it is hereby specified that lectures and training internships will be rescheduled, and the exam dates and deadlines for the submission of dissertations will be extended in compliance with the guidelines provided by the national and regional authorities. The specific arrangements for implementing the above will be made public as soon as the new measures taken at national and regional level are available.


Update of 24 February 2020 Further information for PhD students, scholarship and research grant holders, doctors in specialist training, and trainees in the health professions.

In addition to the provisions of the Rector of the University of Verona, Pier Francesco Nocini, concerning the suspension, as a precautionary measure, of all academic and teaching activities for students (lectures, exams, internships, office hours, etc.) from 24 to 29 February inclusive in order to reduce the possibility of contagion, it is hereby specified that PhD students, scholarship and research grant holders may, if requested by their Scientific supervisor, attend the University to carry out their research activities, similarly to what was established for teaching and administrative and technical staff, until further notice. However, Scientific supervisors are advised not to require PhD students, scholarship and research grant holders to participate in person if it is possible to conduct such activities online, or to postpone such activities, as appropriate.

With regard to doctors in specialist training and trainees in the health professions, as set out in the urgent measure n. 1 (Ordinanza contingibile e urgente n. 1) of the Ministry of Health in agreement with the President of the Veneto Region, there is currently no provision for the suspension of practical or internship activities.

Please note: these provisions shall not apply to those residing in restricted areas, who are denied access to university buildings and premises.


The Rector of the University of Verona Pier Francesco Nocini,

taking into account the orders and provisions issued by the President of the Veneto Region Luca Zaia, the Mayor of Verona Federico Sboarina, and the Prefect of Verona Donato Cafagna,

orders the suspension – for precautionary purposes – of all academic and teaching activities for students (i.e. lectures, exams, internships, office hours) from 24 to 29 February inclusive, including doctoral and specialty exams, office hours for students and in general all activities involving students and/or people external to the University (conferences, events, seminars, scientific dissemination initiatives) in order to reduce the possibility of contagion. The  Rector shall also ensure that dates and deadlines in the academic calendar will be adjusted accordingly.  

All activities, including lectures and exams, will be rescheduled where possible.

With regard to ‘open competitions’ (including “Esami di Stato di Medicina”), decisions will be taken on a case-by-case basis by those responsible for the examinations, also on the instructions of the competent Ministry.

Also for reasons of caution, libraries and study halls will be closed from 23 February to 1 March inclusive. The entire university staff, including lecturers and administrative and technical staff, will be working as usual and remain available until further notice for all activities that do not involve reception to the public. All staff (lecturers and administrative and technical staff) residing in restricted areas will be absent justified and paid.

The Rector also orders the closure of the Baby Ateneo for precautionary purposes from 24 to 26 February inclusive, as per the Mayor’s order.

We will constantly follow the evolution of the situation, and provide you with all the necessary updates and information. In this regard, a regional toll-free number for information is now available: 80046340.


Pier Francesco Nocini

Last update: 23 February at 3.25 pm.

*** N.B. please find below the notice for students by ESU Verona ***

The ESU of Verona, in order to comply with the precautionary protocols initiated by the Veneto Region, and waiting for more information about the spread of contagion from new Coronavirus – COVID-19, from Sunday, 23 February and until further notice will temporarily close:

1. All relevant restaurants, cafeterias and related areas;

2. All study halls.

The stay in the residences will be allowed only to authorised people, and will be forbidden to any external guests. We invite all students residing in ESU accommodation, in case of illness, respiratory symptoms or fever, to contact the switchboard of Corte Maddalene at 045 8052881, available 24/7, which will immediately contact the relevant health authorities for the appropriate interventions.

We recommend that you follow the rules above for the well-being and protection of all individuals.

Thank you for your cooperation.

ESU Verona