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“Beyond the Wall” is the topic chosen for the second edition of the event called “TEDxVerona2015”. It is an event which has the aim of celebrating the intellectual curiosity as a way of improving our future and of following the paths to innovation. The event will be held on Sunday 1st March 2015 at the Gran Guardia Palace in Verona and in the aggregate twelve leading figures will make their speech. We don’t know the ultimate list of the speakers who will liven the event up yet, but in the meantime we can reveal the names of the first confirmed speakers in advance. Francesco Fatone, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Processes of the Department of Biotechnology of the University of Verona, Andrea Battistoni, from Verona, twenty-four years old and child prodigy in international classical music and Gabor George Burt, Hungarian innovative business strategies expert will make their speech.

The tickets will be available from Thursday 15th January 2015 from 3 o’ clock p.m. on TEDxVerona website. You will have the chance to buy both standard tickets (30 euros, 20 euros for students) and coupons reserved to partners (100 euros). We suggest the people interested to the event buy the tickets soon. Last year the event had a great success, as the tickets were sold out in nine minutes and the results of the exclusive Christmas pre-selling show how interested are people in this event. 

What is the event called “TEDxVerona”? TED (Technology Entertainment Design) is the English acronym of the Californian  non-profit organisation born in the year 1984, who has the aim of organising yearly meetings dedicated to ideas which deserve being diffused. In later years the association granted the licence in order to realise local versions of TED meetings, called “TEDx”. They must respect precise standards. Only a few Italian cities have obtained this kind of licence until now. Among them you can find Verona, whose team of volunteers has obtained the authorisation to organise an event, which will let Verona be cast at international level once again. During the event you will find live  speeches, artistic performances and video projections. The event has the aim of encouraging the dialogue between the participants, of inducing networkings and of favouring the origin of new relationships.