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Young Verona University graduates, who have prestigious work positions, had the chance to talk about their own job experience during the cycle of meetings called  “Sbocchi tradizionali e nuove professioni” (Traditional Outlets and New Professions) . The meetings, organised by the University of Verona and by Alvec (Association of Verona University Graduates in Economy), have the aim to give students the chance to approach the world of work. They have the chance to listen the experience of some graduates who are professionist or company managers and have responsibilities and relationships with foreign countries.

The marketing focus of the third meeting was held on Friday 21st November in Vicenza, in the so-called "Polo scientifico e didattico Studi sull’impresa". Marianna Carpene, partner relationship manager – marketing&communication of the agricultural company called Inama, made her speech. Paola Signori, Professor of Economy and Business management of the University of Verona, opened the meeting.

Mariana Carpene explained: "During the meeting held on 21st November we tried to understand together what does being partners relationship manager mean. The partners relationship manager is a figure of transversal marketing, which involves various fields of company reality, from communication to logistics, from customer care to selling. We referred to theagricultural company called Inama, a little family-owned enterprise in the field of high-profile wine production and a reality seemingly in contrast with the largest-size multinational enterprises where it's easier to find strategic marketing positions of this kind. We discovered how could it be possible to adopt also in small-sized companies characteristic work methods of more well-structured organisations. That is to say, we took the cue from different realities in order to create a new concept of operativeness that could work".

She added: "We focused our attention on the features which are necessary to hold this office. Firstly, one have to concentrate on the "preliminary" phases, that is to say on all the instruments essential to stand for a position of this kind, with a particular focus on the difficulty which the young often find when they disassemble the theories and the notions they have learned during their study, their recomposition and adaptation to the practical cases of their work life. Secondly, one has to work in an interactive way on the personal and method behaviours necessary to organise the responsabilities a job as a manager in the field of marketing inevitably involves in an effective and efficient way".