From Pakistan to study the diseases affected by iron

Interview to phd Sadaf Badar

Three years ago the young Pakistani Sadaf Badar decided to come to Verona with the main aim to study the diseases affected by iron. She enrolled in the Research Doctorate organised by the Medicine Department of the University of Verona. On the occasion of the European meeting about the diseases affected by iron, which was held in September at the Gran Guardia Palace in Verona, the young PhD student received an award for having made the best oral presentation. The congress had been promoted by the European Federation of the Associations of Patients with Hemochromatosis. We interviewed her in order to know her researches and future projects. 

Could you recapitulate briefly your academic career?

I have always been inclined towards science subjects since my school days, after high school I stepped in the field of Biochemistry which leaded me to earn my Bachelor’s degree. Following my passion towards scientific research, I opted Molecular Biology as a career choice and completed my M. Phil degree which was another milestone towards my destination.

  • Why did you choose Verona to continue your studying and career course?

I had a strong interest in clinical research and while exploring opportunities in different worldwide universities, I came across that the University of Verona offers a profound Ph.D. course in Clinical Proteomics & Genomics, which was of no doubt an excellent opportunity to follow my dreams.

  • Which studies are you focused on in this moment?

Currently, my project focuses on sequencing by next generation platform to detect possible causative genetic variants in iron overload patients.

  • Which are your main objectives for the near future?

My primary goal is to progress in my area of research, develop more research skills to strengthen my experience and to earn Ph. D degree with good results and publications.