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Among the competitors which will have the chance to win the Prize, a prize conceived by the Observatory of Institutional Business Monographs (OMI), you can also find the Italian Army and the chocolate factory of Modica. 62 works compete for the prize and the candidates had the possibility to present their own work within 13th October. 48 works have been presented by businesses, society, associations and institutions, while 14 treatises have been presented by communication agencies, publishers, creative people and copywriters.

Business knowledge and culture. The President of the Republic has agreed to the OMI Prize for the year 2014 together with the sponsorship of the Economic Development Ministry, of the University of Verona, of the Verona Chamber of Commerce and of the Salesian Institute of Venice. Moreover, this event will be carried out in collaboration with the main communication and public relations associations.

Prize-giving. The twojuries meet on 11th November at the Verona Chamber of Commerce in order to give the prizes to the first three classified and the five honourable mentions  for creativity, design, productive solutions, standard monograph and standard biography. In January the official prize-giving ceremony  will take place. The winners and the special honourable mentions will obtain the OMI trophy and a prestigious pen offered and personalised by Montegrappa. The OMI manages an archive, supervised by a group of University students, and it contains about 700 works. The aim is to propagate the knowledge and the culture of the business communication through the improvement of the institutional monograph. Another aim is to carry out an educational and training activity for students and business communication experts. For further information: Giovanni Landolfi, mobile phone number: 3407878304, landolfi@stampafinanziaria.it; Osservatorio Monografie Istituzionali d’impresa, segreteria@monografieimpresa.it

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