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The Department of Law is in the front line in the field of children’s rights. Indeed, the Department of the University of Verona has won the so-called "Chair of the Uncrc Policy". The Chair has been announced by the Centre  “Hope For Children’" in occasion of the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the ONU Convention on the Rights of the Child. It has the aim of putting the themes of the chidren’s rights in contact with the university world. This is a prestigious result for the Department which will offer visibility at international level. Moreover, this prestigious result will allow the promotion of planning and research activities, getting through to operators, to centres of research and to international agencies which workfor the matters of children’s rights painstakingly. The Director of the Department, Professor Donata Gottardi, explains: “This is an initiative which inserts itself in the research branch of the human rights and, particularly, of the children’s rights, which is one of the most essential and interesting research branches of the Department. We wish that this initiative would help to create a strong net, a net of development of this theme, which would involve our students, creating the conditions for a better society.     

The Uncrc Policy Centre, called "Hope for Children", is a Humanitarian and Independent Institution based in Nicosia, Cyprus, having other seats in India and Hungary. Itis established on standards and principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child of the year 1989 and on standards of the European Union Law. The Centre works on humanitarian and development policy relevant to the defense and promotion of children’s rights through research, design and creation of programs and of services offered to governments and international organisations.The aims of the Chair are especially informative, of promotion of didactics and research activities, in order to increase the awareness of the themes and of the matters about children’s rights, about the youth rights and about their families’ rights. It aims to influence the politicians at national and European level, to improve the abilities and the basic knowledges of the operators and the development and the supply of services for the protection and the wellness of the children and of the young.

The Department of Law of the University of Verona has been chosen for its abilities and for research and didactics activities and  institutional and post-graduate actions of excellence, for its cultural heritage, such as the library, the European documantation centre, and for the copious activities at international and local level. Moreover, the career briefs attached to the apply of Donata Gottardi, Director of the Department of Law and Professor of Labour Law, of Maria Caterina Baruffi, Deputy Head of the Department and co-ordinator of the Ph. D. and of the European documantation centre, Professor of International Law and of Alessandra Cordiano, Professor of Civil Law, learned in Human Rights and Family Rights have been sized up.   

The activities will concern:

–        the diffusion of the informative, didactics, research themes about children’s rights within the university community, and also through the start up and the supply of services for the community;

–        the training, the tutorial and post graduate didactics activity, which are about children’s rights;

–       the training of experts and volunteers through the organisation of an international inter-disciplinary course about children’s rights, which will be held twice a year;

–        the promotion of research programs about children’s rights, about theoretical matters, particularly on the mutual strengthening, on the enhancement of the children’s rights and the general framework of the human rights, and on of the economic, social and cultural children’s rights.

For all the activities mentioned above the Department will be the proud holder of the Chair’s logo.