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From 1 July the University of Verona will offer employment advice services for recent graduates

What to do after the graduation? How can I enter the world of work? How can I learn about my strengths and weaknesses? To help recent graduates answer these questions, the University’s Job Placement office has designed and launched an individual employment advice service for recent graduates, in collaboration with Riccardo Sartori, professor of Occupational and Organisational Psychology at the Department of Human Sciences. The service, which will be made available from 1 July 2020 to recent graduates (i.e. those who graduated within the last 12 months), consists in a two-month guided programme aimed at supporting graduates to plan their career pathways. The service will be provided entirely online via the Zoom platform, in compliance with Covid-19 safety guidelines.

The service aims to improve the employability of graduates by providing them with expert guidance. Through three individual online sessions and other activities to be carried out independently — cv self-assessment, job search techniques, self-assessment of skills — it will be possible to draw up an action plan to support graduates to find employment or further learning opportunities.

The support service also aims at empowering graduates by encouraging them to actively collect and organise information, and make the necessary evaluations and decisions, in an environment where motivation and commitment are key.

The service will be provided by appointment only. From 1 July 2020, interested recent graduates will be able to apply online for their first session.