Health practice concept. Waist up side on portrait of young woman in sportswear doing plank exercise on mat at home

Video tutorials made by Movement Sciences professors and fitness instructors

The Movement Sciences area in collaboration with the University Sports Centre has just launched the online training programme Keeping fit at the time of the Coronavirus”, which includes instructions and videos for all those who wish to perform fitness activities at home.

The programme, which fundamentally covers four areas – Fitness, Physical Activity, Children, and Sport – includes insights and exercises on: training, Pilates, exercises only requiring simple equipment; aerobic exercise, balance coordination, endurance, joint mobility exercise, arm and leg workout, concentration and memory. In addition, the programme includes activities specifically for Parkinson’s patients, and for amateur and professional marathon runners.

The programme starts on Friday 17 April at 10 am, then – from the following week onwards – the video tutorials will be shared daily on the University’s social media.