University joins task force to help companies resume business after the Covid-19 emergency

The Rector presents the task force set up to support companies on health, legal-economic and social aspects.

As the Rector, Prof. Pier Francesco Nocini, pointed out during the online meeting organised by the Prefect of Verona, Donato Cafagna, when business activities will resume after the lockdown, companies in the Veneto Region will need millions of gloves, masks, hand sanitisers, and thermometers every month to ensure the safety of their employees.

With this in mind, the University of Verona has joined ‘Restart’, the task force established by the Municipality of Verona with the aim of giving legal, scientific and technological advice to companies ready to resume activities, in order to help entrepreneurs implement the national and regional protocols.

The task force is comprised of university professors, who will support the companies together with the other participating institutions, and make their knowledge and skills available to all.