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A competition announcement for the internationalisation with the aim of increasing the international co-operation between higher education and research has been published.  This is the first time the University of Verona has decided to favour and to encourage the relationships with foreign universities and research corporations. Moreover, this is the first time the University of Verona has decided to place funds on this field.

Lidia Angeleri as the Rector's Delegate for Internationalization explains: “This year we have gathered different Internationalisation programs into a single competition announcement in order to plan activities better. The competition announcement is composed of four main actions. Three actions (the first one called "Visiting", the second one called "Encouragement of course options in foreign languages" and the third one called "Cooperint program for ingoing members") have the aim of drawing professors, foreign researchers who study at the University of Verona because they are interested in higher education and/or research, and also international students. The fourth action called "Cooperint program for outgoing members" supports periods of mobility abroad for our professors, researchers, doctoral candidates, research fellows and students of schools of specialization. University budget has increased over the last two months compared with the year 2014. Financing are available in the University funds for development Cooperation reserved for mobility programs from or to institutions located in developing countries.

The program, which has a total budget of 890.000 euros, is divided into three actions. The first action called "Visiting" covers the invitation for professors coming from foreign institutions. They will teach courses in foreign language or in Italian for bachelor's degree courses, for Specialist degree courses and for degree called "a ciclo unico" courses. The second action called "Encouragement of course options in foreign languages" has the aim of increasing the number of courses taught in foreign languages for both bachelor's degree courses and for PhD courses, inviting foreign professors.

The third action called "Cooperint program for ingoing members" finances the mobility for ingoing members (young researchers or university professors and renowned scientists coming from foreign universities and institutions). The fourth action gives to professors, reseachers, doctoral candidates, research fellows and students of schools of specialization of the University of Verona the chance of studying abroad for a period asking for a financing.

The deadline for putting in for the first and the second action is 13th March, for the third and the fourth action is 6th March.